»Bauhaus Lectures« launch with culture minister Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff: the Bauhaus and contested modernity in Thuringia

With the »Bauhaus Lectures« series, the Bauhaus Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Planning and the Hermann Henselmann Foundation wish to present the research results of the real and popular history of the Bauhaus. The series launched with a speech by the Thuringian Minister for Cultural, Federal and European Affairs, Prof. Dr. Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff. Prof. Dr. Winfried Speitkamp, the University’s president, delivered the welcome address.

The Bauhaus was always hotly contested in Thuringia. The new Weimar Bauhaus Museum located directly opposite the former »Gauforum« has been integrated into the »Topographie der Moderne« (»Topography of Modernism«) project in an attempt to ensure that the Bauhaus is not reduced to a stylish »Made in Germany« brand and a mere museum for tourists catering to mass culture. The aim is instead to capture the diversity and ambivalence of the Bauhaus as well as its social situation, and thus to constantly ask and answer the fundamental question of »Where do we want to live?«.  

Nine more lectures will be held in Weimar and Berlin up until June 2019 as part of the »Bauhaus Lectures« series. There will also be an excursion to Bernau. The lecture series has been organised by the Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Planning at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Hermann Henselmann Foundation in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. 

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