Bauhaus.Oases on display at the Goethe Institute Kultursymposium

A project arising from the Bauhaus.Oases as part of the master's in MediaArchitecture will be on display at e.werk to celebrate the opening of the Goethe Institute’s Kultursymposium with the title »Recalculating the Route«.

As a translocal and interactive installation, »Digital Threat« records visitors’ movements and uses an algorithm to translate them into a visualisation. This process takes place in various, virtually networked locations that influence each other. A »time exposure« of this interaction is then created over a period of ten minutes. A plotter translates the image information collected into a linear pattern and prints it onto a fabric which is then used to make unique bags enabling visitors to carry the digital design process out into the analogue world. 

The exhibition is part of the »Bauhaus.Oases _ trans-local network« project, which is tackling the idea of historic Bauhaus and examining the current and future issues. The slogan »Art and Technology – a new entity« is being expanded with the use of new technologies. 

The project was funded by the Bauhaus.Semester and developed in cooperation with the Public Art Lab Berlin. At the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the project was supervised by the Professorships of Building Morphology, Presentation Methodology (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism), and Interface Design (Faculty of Art and Design). MediaArchitecture students involved: Nezar Abualhalaweh, Zaryab Chaudhry, Chanadda Janthivanont, Maximiliane Nirschl.

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»Digital Threat«
Project as part of the MediaArchitecture degree programme
Am Kirschberg 4, 99423 Weimar
Open to the public on Wednesday 19 June 2019, 7:30 pm to 12 am