Kick-off of »Bauhaus and Gender: Inside, Looking Out« with Prof. Dr. Sabine Hark

On 12 November at 4:30 pm, the professor of sociology from the TU Berlin gave a lecture on the subject of »Who’s afraid of Gender Studies? On feminism, gender, and the future of gender studies in neo-reactionary times«. The lecture was held in the IKKM Lounge at the University Library in Weimar (Steubenstrasse 6).

The fact that the gender difference cannot be reduced to an asocial, ahistorical fact is a widely known, well-researched understanding of multidisciplinary gender studies. Gender and the gender difference are considered in terms of their ontological status, relevance to all spheres of society, and specific materiality and form as ever-temporary products of social practices and structures. For decades, this has been the definition of the term [gender] used in empirical research. 

Though the emphasis is different, [gender] is essentially understood and used as a post-essentialist, reflexive and contingent concept both in theory and political practice. And thus as dimensions of society that are open to design – and consequently an aspect of an open – reflexive and liberal – society.

Taking this as the starting point, the lecture considered the question of who explicitly rejects, attacks and defames gender as a term and concept how and with what intentions. Initial analyses have revealed that it is mainly right-wing populist constellations in Germany and Europe that oppose the supposed »gender mania«.

The event took place at 4:30 pm on 12 November in the IKKM Lounge at the University Library (Steubenstrasse 6, 99423 Weimar). 

»Bauhaus and Gender« lecture series
Just in time for the 100thanniversary of women’s suffrage, this lecture will kick off the event series »Bauhaus and Gender: Inside, Looking Out«. 
The focus will be on different relationships between Bauhaus and gender. Approaches are being pursued across the various disciplines offered at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar to link Bauhaus and gender on both the practical and theoretical levels. Over two semesters, female engineers, designers, media scientists, and artists working on local and national initiatives and projects in the field of gender in art and science will be invited to participate in discussions during lectures and workshops. 

The interdisciplinary lecture series is being organised by junior professor Dr. Julia Bee (Faculty of Media), Dr.-Ing. Silke Beinersdorf (Faculty of Civil Engineering), Ph.D. Ricarda Barbara Löser (Equal Opportunity Office, Faculty of Art and Design), Christiane Lewe (IKKM) and Nicole Baron (Faculty of Architecture).

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