»Kollektiv Kubik« embarks on an exploration of the body

From 15 to 20 July 2019, the Kollektiv Kubik will host a week-long workshop entitled »Vom Steuern und Gesteuert werden« [»Controlling and being controlled«]. During the artistic and creative process, participants will be able to explore the human body, its structure and its functions.

All those interested are invited to participate (also spontaneously) in the creative process taking place at the Diakonie Weimar. The first outcomes will then be showcased in Weimar’s city centre on Saturday, 20 July 2019.

The Kollektiv Kubik is a network of different stakeholders who work together to develop a shared space for unrestricted activity. With the help of specialists who share their experience and design methodology, we aim above all to sharpen the focus on our own environment in order to actively advance social development. We then take a creative design approach to reflect on this focus in a series of interdisciplinary projects and activities as well as workshops – with the aim of identifying collective solutions.

Over the past two years, the Kollektiv Kubik has offered public pilot workshops, among others for the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. This time round, the open collective will collaborate with puppeteer and clown Tetra Tree to create an installation with the working title of »Vom Steuern und Gesteuert werden« [»Controlling and being controlled«].

Kollektiv Kubik
»Vom Steuern und Gesteuert werden« [»Controlling and being controlled«]

Week-long workshop

15–20 July 2019

Registration: www.kollektivkubik.de

Diakonie Weimar, Moskauer Str. 1a, 99427 Weimar

Saturday, 20 July 2019 in Weimar city centre


Anne, Wiebke Müller, Franziska Waldschmitt, Henriette Abitz

The Kollektiv Kubik is supported by the Bauhaus100 fund and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Kreativfonds.