Bach at the Bauhaus

Many of the artists of the newly-established Bauhaus movement in the 1920s in Weimar appreciated the music of Johann Sebastian Bach as an important source of inspiration, among others in their search for constructive principles for abstract art. However, Bach did not merely influence the paintings and sculptures of Weimar-based Bauhaus followers such as Itten, Feininger, Klee, and Kandinsky. They were also inspired by his works to compose their very own pieces (e.g. Lyonel Feininger’s Fugues).

To celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus, the harpsichordists Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik (architecture alumni of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) will devote themselves to the music of J.S. Bach and its reception by the Bauhaus artists. The concert will not only include works by J.S. Bach and Lyonel Feininger, but also texts and paintings by Bauhaus artists accompanied by Bach’s music. The Korean composer Huiyeong Bang has also composed so-called »miniatures« for four selected Bach paintings by Bauhaus artists so as to transfer the experimental Bauhaus approaches to a present-day context.


18 May 2019
7pm and 9pm
Concert during Museum Night

Dr. phil. Alexander Grychtolik

Aleksandra Grychtolik