For 100 days »Bauhaus Studio 100« presents 100 actors and their works – amongst them artists, designers, architects, civil engineers, performance artists and musicians. The exhibition will present and unite the work of alumni and those currently studying at contemporary design institutions that see themselves in the tradition of the Bauhaus. The Studio 100 exhibition will be accompanied by readings and manifestos, podium lectures and performances, for which the small Bauhausbühne will be launched. The project name refers to the irrepressible artistic energy, synergy and creative scope of the last 100 years of Bauhaus.

Collaboration with the HfG Ulm and the PRATT Institute Brooklyn / New York help to establish an international and supra-regional connection to the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus in Weimar. Furthermore, through the exhibition venues at the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler, the Bauhaus.Atelier, The Neufert Box in Gelmeroda and the exhibition rooms in the Weimar Gaswerk, Studio 100 will extend across the city of Weimar.

Exhibition dates

7 December 2018 until 10 January 2019

exhibition part 1 at Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler

11 January until 10 February 2019

exhibition part 2 at Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler

4 until 14 April 2019

exhibition part 1 at Gaswerk Weimar

16 until 26 May 2019

exhibition part 1 at Neufert-Box Gelmeroda

18 until 25 June 2019

exhibition part 2 at Neufert-Box Gelmeroda

5 until 28 July 2019
exhibition part 2 at Gaswerk Weimar

22 November 2019 until 1 March 2020
exhibition at HfG-Archive Ulm

Dipl.-Des. HP Grossmann

project manager

Dipl.-Des. Canan Yilmaz

artistic director

Prof. Wolfgang Sattler

artistic director

professorship product-design, professor for Interaction Design

Faculty of Art and Design

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kraus

artistic codirector



Further information www.bauhausstudio100.de