Bauhaus.Podcast #4: The world in Weimar – report on the start of the anniversary celebrations

The latest episode of the Bauhaus.Podcast talks about various exhibition projects that were launched in early April to mark the start of the Weimar Bauhaus anniversary year.

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is also using the celebrations for the anniversary of Bauhaus’s foundation to take a look back at its own history and present its current projects. This includes launching and funding three major exhibitions: the Bauhaus Studio 100, the IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM and the »Bauhaus 100 Showcase« series in Berlin. These exhibitions all have one thing in common: they are exhibiting contemporary works of art and design from nearly 23 years of the Bauhaus-Universität.

The creators of the three exhibition projects talk about what there is to see at their respective exhibitions, as well as what makes up today’s Bauhaus-Universität. Is there still a Bauhaus spirit today? What is the importance of historical predecessors? And what role does Weimar itself play?

This episode also offers insights into the »Where is Walter?« audio walk. The app was created during the Bauhaus.Semester as a project by the professorships of Experimental Radio and of Conservation and History of Architecture. Especially for the anniversary, students produced audio tracks with lots of information about Weimar’s Bauhaus and its original buildings, underscored by atmospheric sounds. The app is now available to download from iOS and Android app stores.

You can listen to the current Bauhaus.Podcast here: