Framework exhibition for the »Born to be Bauhaus – I’ll keep hold of it for later« exhibition

An exhibition at the Kunsthaus Erfurt displays the works purchased and recorded by the art acquisitions department as part of the ‘Born to be Bauhaus’ project from 2017 to 2019. We would also like to let you know about the framework programme accompanying the exhibition.

Artist talk with Thibaut Henz
The artist Thibaut Henz in conversation with Dr. David Ashley Kerr.
Location: Kunsthaus-Erfurt, Michaelisstraße 34, 99048 Erfurt
Friday 28 June 2019, 6 - 10 p.m.

The artist Thibaut Henz studied architecture and visual communication at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and has been awarded various prizes including the Ars Viva art prize from the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy. He is part of the Born to be Bauhaus project organised by the Modernist Archive and ÜberLand e.V. 

Dr. David Ashley Kerr applies research done in Helsinki into everyday performance in the context of internet culture as well as living and working in Weimar and Helsinki. He will be asking Thibaut Henz about his motivations and the creative process behind his photographs.

»The benefits of the archive« round table discussion
Wednesday 3 July 2019, 7:30 - 11 pm
Location: Kunsthaus-Erfurt, Michaelisstraße 34, 99048 Erfurt

As treasure troves of material art, archives are consistently the point of departure for artistic research. These constantly evolving worlds of objects see stories and history rolled into one. We are using a round table to establish a dialogue on how artists access these archives and what benefits they offer. All attendees are invited to join the discussion. The round table participants are Dr. Sabine Folie of the Valie Export Center Linz, Andrea Karle (art historian and curator, Weimar), David Ashley Kerr, PhD (curator, Weimar and Helsinki), Dr. Christiane Wolf (Modernist Archive, Weimar) and the exhibition artists.

»Fake recollection« archive talk
Friday 12 July 2019, 6 - 10 pm
A talk with curator and photographic artist Kateryna Radchenko will take place as part of the »Born to be Bauhaus« art prize.
Location: Neues Museum Weimar, Jorge-Semprún-Platz 5, 99423 Weimar

Director of the international Odesa Photo Days festival since 2015, Kateryna Radchenko studied photography on the fellowship programme at Villa Arson (Nice, France), and was involved in the Gaude Polonia programme (Warsaw, curator Adam Mazur) as well as at the Museum of Photography (San Diego, USA). She was a curator for the Intercult organisation (Stockholm, Sweden) and was part of the curator platform project at the PinchukArtCenter (Kiev, Ukraine). In her own words: ‘I view photography as an alternative way of telling stories and visualising problems. I am interested in using visual images to tackle social issues.’

«Born to be Bauhaus – I’ll keep hold of it for later«
Kunsthaus Erfurt, Michaelisstraße 34, 99084 Erfurt
7 June – 19 July 2019

Exhibiting works by:

Vincent Briére, Max Broda, Isabelle Castera, Charlene Hahne, Thibaut Henz, Anna Hart, Francis Kamprath, Nikola Kekerovic, Rebecca A. Layton, Matthias Pitcher, Christian Rothe, Darko Velazquez and Holger Wilkens.

Coordinated by Andreas Lenz
Email: btbb[at]