Icons of Book Design: Weimar Exhibition on »Bauhaus Books« at the Moselle

On Wednesday 7 August 2019, the Weimar travelling exhibition »The Bauhaus Books: a European Publication Project 1924-1930« opened at the University Library of Trier. Iconic examples of 20th century book design will be on display until 29 September as part of the exhibition. In the exhibition, all 14 volumes published between 1925 and 1930 as part of the publication series of the Albert Langen Publishing House from Munich will be made available to visitors.

Since its opening in April, the exhibition has already been very well received in the Weimar University Library. The exhibition, conceived as a touring exhibition, has now arrived at Weimar's twin city. At the opening ceremony, Trier University President Michael Jäckel and Weimar University President Winfried Speitkamp made opening speeches. Curator Michael Siebenbrodt presented important background information on the works presented in the exhibition. Library Director Frank Simon-Ritz and Trier University Library Director Hildegard Müller also expressed their delight with the opening ceremony in Trier.

In autumn 2019, the exhibition conceived and shown in Trier will once again make a stop in Weimar, made possible by the curator Michael Siebenbrodt. The exhibition »Hans Proppe: Visionary, Designer and Life Reformer«, on show in 2017/18 at the City Museum of Trier, pays tribute to a singular designer of the first half of the 20th century. It will open on 29 November 2019 in Weimar.