Between the Private and Public Domains

After the Nazis’ seizure of power in Germany 80 years ago, Bauhaus architects and artists made a new home for themselves in Tel Aviv. Formally influenced by the Bauhaus style, these young emigrant architects found a new home in the »White City« for Jews who had been forced to leave Germany as a result of terror and persecution. The buildings thus created saw Tel Aviv named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. 

In the »Between the Private and Public Domains« exhibition as part of the 100th anniversary, the photographers Ingrid Botschen and Michael Craig Palmer are working with the German-Israeli Association to present this historic connection between Germany and Israel. Both artists’ photographs documenting the history of migration and modern construction in Tel Aviv use a very personal, sensitive viewpoint to showcase lovingly designed, diverse architecture. The exhibition, presented in Berlin and Weimar, conveys the international reach but also the topicality of the Bauhaus idea. 

Dipl.-Ing. Ronny Schüler
Professor of Theory and History of Modern Architecture
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism