NEXT100 is a unique Weimar‐based exhibition platform that presents experiemental, large format installations, audio‐visual performances and media architecture works, from an array of international artists, that address the role of technology to explore new artistic formats and potentials. 

NEXT100will be accompanied by a comprehensive publication featuring text contributions by renowned designers, artists, media theorists and technology creators. It will highlight perspectives and establish a basis for ongoing discourses beyond the anniversary year as enduring documentation. A number of exclusive text contributions have already been submitted for NEXT100, among others by John Maeda (MIT/author: The Laws of Simplicity, etc.); other renowned figures have also agreed to contribute. The book will constitute a physical guide and present outlooks on the future from a present-day perspective – NEXT 100.


28 November 2018
Van-de-Velde Bau, R 116
Frieder Nake: Computer Art Appears in Times of Great Unrest

7 December 2018
Marienstraße 1b, R 101
Olaf Bender: today’s noise, tomorrow’s music
part of the Bauhaus Masters lectures series

Raster Signale #1 
E-Werk, Weimar
in collaboration with Kunstfest Weimar
audio-visual performances by the label Raster Media

Prof. Wolfgang Sattler
Faculty of Art and Design

Kristian Gohlke
Deputy Professor Interaction Design | Visiting Scientist
Faculty of Art and Design

Brian Bixby
Media Art & Design (MFA)
Faculty of Art and Design

Jeffers Egan
Media Art & Design (MFA)
Faculty of Art and Design