Online publication for Bauhaus Colloquium

The exhibition that was displayed in autumn 2016 during the International Bauhaus Colloquium took a look back at the themes of International Bauhaus Colloquiums between 1976 and 2016. Documents, photographs and conversations with organisers, speakers and guests were used to review the 40-year history of this famous conference.

The documents presented have now been included in an online publication on the University website designed to show the history of the Bauhaus Colloquium, as well as the importance of the Bauhaus reception inspired by this conference, to an international audience. The publication will be presented on the University website in German and English, demonstrating the University’s already long-term relationship with the history of Bauhaus. It will also allow the International Bauhaus Colloquium 2019 to take a look back at past events.

Prof. Ines Weizman
Junior Professor of Architectural Theory
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism