Studio Wägetechnik

The »Studio Wägetechnik« is an interdisciplinary workspace founded in 2015 by 15 architecture students. During the semester, the spaces were adapted to their requirements for workstations and a workshop, and product designers and artists joined forces to work here or prepare an exhibition.

There are now 15 desk spaces, a workshop and around 50 m2 of studio space. The large main room acts as a venue for concerts and exhibitions. It is important to students that this is place of exchange between practical and theoretical work, and that the public is regularly allowed to participate through events.

The project is designed to be sustainable by creating a functioning and financially independent structure that provides young artists, designers, musicians and architects with a platform to work on, discuss and present results in concerts and exhibitions.

Powerful interdisciplinary dialogue and the opportunity to combine theory and practice in close proximity allow students to draw parallels with the Bauhaus way of thinking.

Studio Wägetechnik:
Rosalie Ratz
Peter Frenkel
Ute Dreyer