Think Tank

Within a think tank, renowned experts from the fields of art, design, architecture, technology and mediation will examine questions, ideas and utopias of the Bauhaus, discuss the contemporary relevance of thematic focuses identified from a subject-specific perspective, identify desiderata, and formulate core theses and research questions. The results will form the starting point for the DENKRAUM BAUHAUS 2019, an international symposium on the currentness of Bauhaus – perceptions of contemporary education in art, design, architecture and mediation. 

The meeting for researchers from the fields of architecture, design, art, education, psychology, sociology, urban and spatial planning, materials research, ecology, preservation of historical monuments, the humanities and philosophy is expected to provide new research impetus that goes beyond the current discourse. The requirements are also to be formulated for a contemporary pedagogy for the next generation of artists, designers and architects as well as mediators at universities.

Prof. Dipl.-­Ing. Bernd Rudolf
Professorship Form Theory
Faculty Architecture and Urbanism

Prof. Dr. Andrea Dreyer
Professorship Art and its Didactics
Faculty Art and Design